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Get your Abs Trained Well,  This Ultimate muscle Toner And Abdominal Fitness Device Is Great Even if you dont have the greatest and Active Lifestyle. It Will Burn Fat And Massage At the same time.


    Are you struggling to stimulate and get a six-pack with old workout routines?

    We have all been there, a million and one sit ups, and still nothing!

    Well, now there is a solution that can fast track you to get the abs you desire! 

    The Ultimate  Scuttles Abs Stimulator Pro™ is the most powerful and effective solution on the market for stripping away that unwanted stomach fat to finally reveal your toned abs!

    Using advanced EMS technology, which is used in massage, acupuncture, taping and more, this technology is now available in your home to easily and effectively get toned abs!

    With 15 levels of intensity, Scuddles Abs Stimulator Pro™ is built for all fitness and body types in mind.

    Scuddles Abs Stimulator will give you the toned stomach you've been wanting, all within the comforts of your own home!

    Feel confident and happy when you're out knowing your are in the best shape possible thanks to the Scuddles  Abs Stimulator Pro™

    • EASY TO USE: Get firm great looking abs that you've always wanted at home in just minutes a day!
    • BUILD UP MUSCLES: The EMS technology will strengthen all muscle groups in your stomach, finally revealing your abs.
    • REPLACE GYM: Good for people that do not exercise often yet want to keep fit!
    The Scuddles Abs Stimulator Pro ™ has 15-levels of intensity to meet your daily exercise demands.
    Scuddles EMS device comes with Smart muscle training Technology: training equipment with adopt 6 different modes of intensity, you can carry out arm training, abdominal muscle training, back muscle training, leg muscle training, so you enhance the strength of various parts. It is the man to achieve six abdominal muscles and women to keep the slim figure of the key.
    High efficiency: About 15 minutes of use, it's equal to 2000m running, 60 minute sit ups, 60 minutes freestyle. It can be carried around anytime and anywhere, when you read, do chores, work, watch TV, and even travel.
    Ultimate Abs Stimulator - Fullygeeked.net
    Ultimate Abs Stimulator - Fullygeeked.net


     Customer Reviews   
    on October  8, 2018
    A pretty effective and lazy way to work on the abs, it comes with few extra pads. Easy to work with I didn’t even need to read the instructions, but make sure you charge them first.
    5 starsl oveee ittt!
    on Oct 6, 2018
    I've always been earry of this product, but finally I had to try it because i felt like i had gained weight. having this product "massage" my abs felt like it help in a way to stimulate my muscles, and keep me "toned" in a way. Of course this made me more motivated so I used them more often, and I noticed more of a difference. You can for sure feel the tightness, this is probably my favorite part. it says it'll show progress in about 10 weeks, this is my 2nd, so i will post my pictures later down the road. i like how you can choose different settings that suite your body and needs. i dislike how it has to charge, but all electronics have to charge. lol. it is eco-friendly so that made me happier! you can wear this product under your clothes, i suggest doing a baggy shirt or they can see the wires. the product is so far really good quality, the price i payed for it was decent, customer service has been amazing! I highly reccomend trying this product out!
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    It easy to use and give you a nice massage i csn use it when i watchinv tv with mu kid and it small you can take it on the go.
    worth to try !!
     oct  6, 2018
    I workouts at gym 3 times a week and also feel like this is a workout for my belly fat when I am lying on the sofa and watching TV. I have used it for half month and every time i can feel a slight burns on my belly and harden my muscle. RECOMMEND!
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     oct 4, 2018
    Great product 
    I’m a very athletic person and used to working out 7-10 times per week. I’m currently experiencing a health related issue in my neck which is forcing me to drastically scale back on my workout routine. I bought this to help prevent atrophy of my muscles. So far it has been great at keeping my muscles toned and my core tight. I also can’t wait to see the results when I am able to resume my normal workout routine while also using this toner. #summerbody :)
    By Jonah Sertafs  oct 4, 2018
    That is my first Abs Stimulation
    Mainly use after a workout, it relaxes your body and keeps your workout effect longer.

    If you lazy you can put it on and watch TV or play game.
    I usually after workout took a shower and put it on and watch TV.
    It is so easily used, put and play type.
    Feeling comfortable when using.
    Charger fasts and can be used for a long time.
    Very effective and easy to use. Feels like I m burning my belly fat. Great product.
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    By Larus bezisfisky oct 3 2018
    Very Happy with scuddles Muscle toner 
    Easy to apply.
    One person found this helpful
    Fast delivery. Easy to use. Feels like massage. If I can get 6 packs later, I will defenitely share the great news.
     October 2, 2018
    This product is amazing. I love how it relaxes my muscles after a stressfull day. You can see the difference in my abs already
     oct 2, 2018
    I got it a week ago. i already fell in love with it. Really! It was very comfortable just like you are doing massage, i often use it for 20 minutes after off work and back in home. I lying on the sofa and playing with my cellphone, feels good, lol
     September 30, 2018
    Very pleasure with this purchase. My abdomen muscle look better already and my husband even ask to try it, i already order again.

    nicely doesn’t look cheap

    By joshua september  29, 2018

    Verified Purchase

    I received the muscle  toner  and I have high hopes for it. Packaged nicely doesn’t look cheap,  Only used it one time so far, but I can definitely feel it in my abs. I will try to give a little more information when I use it for a longer period of time, and willing to answer anyone who asks me a question later on as well.

    By Kyle  september 27, 2018


    Excellent!!! I slowly gained tonicity in some muscles that were kind of atrophied, with no pain, and also sculpted my waist. The holding band is a good feature, comfortable (but it deforms with time). Thinking on buy a second one, and one for a relative.

     By Lexion september 26, 2018

    Verified Purchase

    * Before you read my review I am writing this two days after I received it. I used it several times on different programs and areas for the two days I had it so far. Everyone is different and I always sported a 22 inch waist and abs, I am a low fat muscular woman (think Madonna around 1990 I guess), but the belly fat would not move and I could not see my abs. AFTER ONLY TWO DAYS OF INTENSIVE USE (alternating areas of the abs as well as programs) I can literally say that my abs are visible again and the fat, though not gone, is starting to fold over itself in the shape of abs. I am clearly excited that this really seems to work. I looked at so many models for months before I just dove in and bought this.

    I have been battling to get my body back from my second child for about 2 years (she is two) now. I am extremely toned and tight everywhere but my abs/stomach, and I am all but starving to achieve it. Low calorie, ketosis, paleo, I have tried every diet. As stated the rest of my body is 100% back if not in better shape than before. This was really my last ditch effort before considering surgical intervention. (I likely will need it for skin, I have seen this already through weigh loss alone).


    I searched every product and for some reason, this one stood out. So I just bought it after debating this for months now. (whether to buy any actually not this specific one).


    What stood out first and foremost was the name, scuddles it kind of implies it is for women, though clearly anyone can use it " more or less says it is for someone just like me; a mother fighting to regain her body after two pregnancies.


    So I got it only yesterday (Saturday the 25th August 2018). I had to immediately try it.


    I read on here that 1-6 were the tougher programs, please disregard that or someone from the company correct me. I tried out 1 (I am tough) and it was an odd, and I will not lie, somewhat painful experience. The zaps of the electrodes is what is painful. The contraction of the muscles, if you are not used to it (and I admit despite all my exercise I was somehow not getting "these" muscles) can make you cramp. BUT after trying several modes it is very apparent that the latter 4 o 6-10, programs, are the heavy duty ones. In fact I thought one hurt (the zaps) but when I got to program 10 at intensity 20 I was bedridden.


    The good news is this; you do eventually get somewhat used to the pain of the electrodes and definitely get used to the muscle movements. I have done it on several programs including three sets of 10 intensity 20 and (not to be graphic) on the toilet this morning AFTER A LEVEL 10 INTENSITY 20, I saw my abs for the first time in 5 years. That is not even 24 hours of use. I do not by any means want anyone to believe I have ABS after 24 hours, but after a program your muscles are tighter and I can definitely see how using this 1-5 times a day at varying levels can ensure you get abs back. It will probably take me a month of daily use to achieve actual abs that do not go away after I have used the belt.


    Now to the pain, it is tolerable if you have a higher tolerance for pain and I believe, as I myself have felt just in one day, that with time the pain is bearable, I think the electrical impulses being sent is the most painful, it is like a shock and on some programs a prolonged shock. It depends how willing you are to go to get abs.


    On a side note, I always had abs until my pregnancies so my seeing the outline of abs in 24 hours is not surprising, there is a long way to go to see that as my "normal resting stomach" but it sure felt good to look down and see my body fold up while I was sitting rather than to have blubber that I cannot move rolling down my stomach. Keep in mind it is all relative and to me the minimal fat is a lot for me and I definitely have MUMMY TUMMY, but some of you may be starting from a place where you never enjoyed abs, you are fighting a bigger weight loss battle, my weight is fine actually it is my stomach fat that is not, and so your results will differ and may take more time.



     ByLueon July 5, 2018

    Verified Purchase

    This product is excellent very powerful. I really like becouse you don't have to keep changing the so called pads. Great thinking. I wish it could be a bit longer. Hope to see results soon.


     5.0 out of 5 stars Works without Gel, how wonderful is that

    By Slamon september  25, 2018

    Verified Purchase

    So far this works way better than the EMS muscle toners that require Gel pad. I love the fact that this does not require Gel pad. You just need to wet the area that comes in contact with the leads and it works fine. Very good price.


    By Annabel Edelmanon September 24, 2018

    Verified Purchase

    All the stars! I been using this for about a week and see results already. exactly what I was hoping for, thank you!


    5.0 out of 5 starsGood product!

    ByBelen Vazquezon September  23, 2018

    Verified Purchase

    Good product!



    5.0 out of 5 starsThis belt is really good..

    By Sunny_sunon September  22, 2018

    Verified Purchase

    This muscle toneris  is really good..... I used this for 1 week and got positive result.... I like this product and recommend this product...

    By Shkon  September  20, 2018

    Verified Purchase

    Received quickly and product works well.


    5.0 out of 5 starsI wish I bought this sooner

    By Celinaon September 19, 2018

    Verified Purchase

    I was going to wait a month before leaving a review but I’ve had this for a week and I’ve already seen amazing results. I’ve always had very stubborn lower belly fat that never seemed to go away no matter what I tried. I started working in an office 8 months ago (before this I’ve always had very active jobs) and I have gaining a lot of weight and saw the majority of it in my stomach. I’ve been using this belt 3 times a day for a week now and I’ve seen such a change! When I wore high waisted jeans there was always a lump where my lower belly was but that lump and since disappeared and it is the biggest confidence boost ever! I wish I would have taken before pictures, I will take progress pictures and update again in a month. I am so greatful for this muscle toner !!!!




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