Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket with Water-Resistant Backing - Red 60 x 80 inches

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Brand: Pratico Outdoors

Color: Red (60x80 in)


  • ✔ EASY FOLD AND CARRY - Red Plaid Beach blanket folds down to size of a purse; when folded, it measures 10in x 16in, very compact. Perfect toddler outdoor blanket if you want to take your kids to the park and play! A great outdoor sports blanket to use during your kid's baseball or soccer game. Watch your kids play while seated and relaxed. Are you one of those adrenaline junkees? Bring this outdoor survival blanket and get a good night's rest close to the comfort of your own bedroom!
  • ✔ EXTRA LARGE SIZE - Unfolded blanket and beach rug measures 60 in x 80 in & lightweight 1.3 pounds (weight of a loaf of bread). Great for fitting family or friends with extra room for food, drinks, and more to accompany your beach accessories. Perfect for any outdoor social gathering or beachparty. Got pets? You can convert this as an outdoor pet blanket to give your pets their needed comfort.
  • ✔ 100% SOFT POLAR FLEECE - This classic outside picnic blanket and foldable picnic blanket won't irritate your skin. In fact, you can use this as an outdoor sleeping blanket, and gaze at the stars while laying down on this soft and comfy polar fleece. The easy-to-use handle makes this sand blanket a great travel picnic blanket as well. Should you bring your kids outdoors, this is the perfect outdoor play blanket that your kids can trample upon and not worry about skin irritation.
  • ✔ WATER-RESISTANT CUSHIONED BACKING - Beachmats prevent you from getting wet from damp lawns or surfaces and provide extra sitting comfort. Want a sand proof beach blanket? This is a good one you can use. Foldable beachrug not a fully waterproof blanket but water resistant. A good beach blanket sand proof too. Perfect for outside actvities for your babies and toddlers. This could be the best outdoor blanket you'll ever own.
  • ✔ HAND WASH OR SPOT CLEAN FOR MAINTENANCE - For machine-washable version, choose our Premium Style folding picnic blanket: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014S76JK0 An outdoor blanket xlarge in size, but fits in your washer just fine. Easy to clean if you prefer to hand wash or spot clean it for a quick maintenance. Just shake off sand or dirt and wipe off any stain or spill. Now who wants a blanket for a picnic backpack?

Publisher: Pratico Outdoors


The Perfect Outdoor Mat and Beach Blanket Large Enough for Your Family
Do You Like the Outdoors? Do you like beach gear, beach games, outdoor concerts, camping, hiking, gear, sporting events and nature in general? Nothing's better than hanging out with family or friends and enjoying time outdoors.

While organizing an event, the last thing you want to worry about is what everyone is going to sit on. Whether it's beach blanket for babies or your dog, beach blankets that protects you from sand, grass or dirt, we got your covered.

Still Not Convinced? Here are the reasons why our plaid and stylish Extra Large Picnic Blanket stands out from other picnic and beach blankets:
✔ FOLD & CARRY WITHOUT HASSLE - Portable and easily transported. Folds down to a size of a purse. Measures 10" x 16" when folded. It is easy to carry as it is lightweight at 1.3 lbs.
✔ CAN FIT A LARGE GROUP - Extra-large in size. Family size. When unfolded, the blanket measures 60" x 80". Large enough for a number of people with extra space for food, drinks & supplies. Beachparty ready!
✔ WON'T IRRITATE YOUR SKIN - Made of 100% soft polar fleece for warmth and comfort.
✔ KEEPS YOU DRY - Made with water-resistant cushioned-backing to keep you dry when place on damp surfaces. You're assured of extra sitting comfort.
✔ VERSATILE - Great beach mat to keep sand out of the way, camping mat, camping blanket or beach blanket for sand. Anywhere you enjoy nature and need picnic or beach equipment. 
✔ HAND WASH OR SPOT CLEAN FOR MAINTENANCE - Hand wash for quick and efficient cleaning. For machine-washable version, choose our Premium Style blanket: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01B9WPDHC

NOTE: Outdoor picnic mat and beach rug recommended to use on flat ground only.

Add this cool plaid designed picnic and beach blanket now and be the hero in your next outdoor activity.

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