Scuddles Heat Shrink Butt Wire Connectors, 100 Terminals Electrical Waterproof Insulated for Marine Or Automotive Use (14-16 Guage)

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Product Specifications

  • Brand Name:scuddles
    Product Description :

    Additional Information: •Shrinkage ratio 3:1 •Compatible with AC and DC current

    • Wire gauge fitment sizes printed on each connector. (Blue 16 Gauge -14 Gauge) • scuddles heat shrink connectors are manufactured and approved according to ISO 9001:2008, ROHS, SGS and CE. • Lowest shrink temperature is: 176°F / 80°C • Low minimum shrink temperature allows user to shrink tubing without melting wire coating. • Full recovery temperature: 266°F / 130°C • Operating temperature: from -67°F to 257°F or -55°C to 125°C •Harde jar included. to store the Wire crimpers,

    Enjoy these accross many projects beacuse this butt connector kit is designed to tackle the projects such as iphon chargers and other loose electronic connections that you have been dealing with up untill now. just apply heat with a heat gun and forget that you ever had the issue!!

    comes nicely and neatly packed within its round hardened plastic jar so you can always keep your electrical terminals within one place.

    Scuddles terminal assortment is made for people that are capable on there own to fix average wire connection issues however are lacking the product to fix the connection.

    Scuddles has not only worked on the above points mentioned.We have designed the exterior product to reflect our brand design so that people can easily identify our wire connectors and reorder the butt plugs as needed.

    The exterior jar is made strong to keep any outside elements such as water heat particals of dust out of our products in order for you to have a easy time to use these when needed. just put them on the shelf in your home garage or your personal work space and enjoy it whenever your next project takes place.

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