PREMIUM Extra Large Picnic Basket keeps food Hot/Cold for 12 Hours UPGRADED lunch tote For 4 People Picnics includes stainless steel spoons forks plates napkins wine With Flatware (PICNIC BASKET)

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Product Specifications

  • Brand Name:scuddles


  • Scuddles TOP PICNIC SET: Unbeated in terms of Quality and Durability - INCLUDES: 4 x Plates, 4 x Stainless Steel Forks, 4 x Stainless Steel Knives, 4 x Stainless Steel Spoons, 4 x Wine Glasses, 4 x Washable Napkins, Salt and Pepper Shakers, 1 x Bottle Opener.This Picnic Basket Serves as a picnic cooler which is highly insulated great for hot or cold stprage and above all it is collapsible which means this is a space saver as well.
  • STRONG HANDLE AND STRAPS: Scuddles Features a strong leather strap for a stronger grip and easier carry, enjoy the ultimate Picnic Basket set with 2 or for persons. It is Large and made of primium quality.This Can be given as a picnic basket gift set Or a wedding anniversiry or birthday present. Strong inner insulation makes it practical and protects all the food inside the 4 person picnic basket. Great for a romantic picnic outing at the beach, park or backyard, Also Check out our Picnic bac
  • ENIVIORMENT FRIENDLY: SCuddles Picnic basket was designed for extra durability making it strong and long lasting. Also features seperate food and dishes flatware compartmants so the contents dont spill or mix together. It is heavy duty with strong handles and straps. MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Not just for Picnics, it also serves as Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner set for any Event. We have a full line of: picnic baskets and picnic blankets sets for 4, with handle, Or As a Backpack basket picnic hamper
  • STYLE AND QUALITY - Scuddles Picnic Basket is Perfect picnic set for days at the park or beach, This fully-lined Grey personalized picnic basket measures 15" long and has an easy-access double-lid design To keep your food safe and secure while traveling. Scuddles picnic cooler Is great to use as a family picnic basket all year round as well as food storage containers for food and drinks. for 2 or 4 The collapsible picnic basket also features a seperate flatware pouch and straps that hold al
  • STURDY & STRONG INSULATION - For daily use of scuddles picnic wine bag Ultra-size, Over 16L volume is enough for family use, store beers, Beverages, lunch boxes, fruits, ice creams, sea food, takeout food or any other food for your meals etc; this picnic tote is Thermal Shield insulated, to keep food and drinks at the perfect temperature for hours. It also features strong double handles serving as a elegantly designed market basket jump on your bike or in the car, and head out to relax the day
  • Product Description :

    Even with all the above mentioned Picnic items packed there will still lots of space in the basket  for your tasty picnic food such as sandwiches, cold meats, french baguettes, Pickles,cheese, fruit, cakes and anything else that you might want to Enjoy At your Picnic. Keep it warm  hot depending what you want. This Basket Seals really tight so if you have a long journy, hike, traveling, camping  Scuddles Picnic set will have you coverd.

    Here is what you can bring on your picnic.

    I don’t know about you, but whenever someone asks me to pack a meal for lunch, camping or a picnic, I go blank. You know that feeling? Like you’ve had so many ideas in the past and then when it’s time to make something you’ve got nothing. Well fear not! I’ve got a plan for you. And I can vouch for it. Therefore i have made you a list and We had such a great date.

    Its All In the Details:

    Extra room to store picnic food meaning you can have an enjoyable outdoor dining experience with all the essentials stored in one basket

    Strong and natural basket for extra durability will make it strong and long lasting. Also features a Comfortable Carry Handle.

    White and Beige checked pattern Napkins cotton Napkins That are washable we assure that you will absolutly love this basket


    This Picnic Basket is multiporpuse so you get to decide for which occasion or event you will use this solid built Picnic Kit.

    You dont need to worry about getting all your dishes from home or paper utensils allowing you to camp and picnic out Spontaneously.

    Enjoy Out on the Lush Grass with your friends family in the nice summer days.

    Show them how unique you are when it comes to getting a Picnic done, They will be truly impressed by you.

    Packs a lot measuring at a 13X12XX12 You will be able to pack all your picnic needs in to this one Basket And wala off to your Picnic.

    Hurry Get This Basket TODAY !!!!

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