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Better Pricing.

 scuddles™  By buying through us Direct, We are able to save on additional fees and expenses and pass that value on to YOU !!

We Offer Free 2 Day Prime Shipping!!

Scuddles™ Keeps its products  within some of the largest  National Fulfillment Centers in the USA; Such as, Amazon Fufillment, Fed Ex, and UPS™ Fulfillment Centers  which  means that we have the capabilities to ship your order in the fastest possible way.


We offer 24/7 professional Customer support.with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

More About Scuddles™

SCUDDLES ™ Was founded in 2006 as a small home business; And has grown into a successful recognized brand over the years with 1,000's of happy customers.

•We focus on picnic, Baby And Beauty items  

• We introduce items to the market that are high quality 

•  keeping to a price in order to have the trust from our customers all the time..

• Scuddles has a Large community with over 9,000 Facebook followers in our community - See our facebook page here.

A strong commitment.If you have any interesting ideas or products that you may be interested for us to manufacture, feel free to share those ideas with us by reaching out to us on Facebook messenger. We hope you enjoy our quality products. Thank you for shopping with SCUDDLES.